Peppercorn's re-taste Are proud to be amongst the top suppliers in the UK of breakfast products, dried fruits and bar snacks to the leading names in the catering industry.

The benchmark in healthy snacks

Everyone should enjoy a delicious, varied and nutritious diet, but in an age where food is processed, polluted, and pumped full of preservatives, it can be difficult to find products that retain natural goodness and still taste great. With quality products, delicious flavours and first class service there has never been a better time for yourself or your guests to find Peppercorn Natural Foods.


Change you perception of food with peppercorn's re-taste!

Peppercorn's work closely with the leading food manufacturers in the world to ensure that the extensive range of Breakfast Products, Dried Fruits, and Bar Snacks are not only bursting with flavour but packed with natural goodness to ensure a unique combination of delicious flavours.

In the products section of the website you will find an extensive listing of all of our ranges, and if you would like to see samples or design a mix specific for your catering operation then please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to present samples to see how they could help you.

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