Dried Fruits & Fruit Mixes

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are possibly the best example of our approach to food

Succulent and enticing our extensive range has been sourced from around the world to provide the highest quality available. Our wide-ranging dried fruit range including the fantastically juicy Apricots, Prunes and Figs these delicious products can be a superb and colourful addition to your breakfast buffet to compliment our granolas & mueslis ranges or as part of a healthy kick-start to the morning.

None of our ranges would be the same without our ability to mix specific combinations to add to the uniqueness of your operation. If you would like the opportunity to create your own fruit mix to wow your customers then it is easy as phoning our sales team on 0208 9614410.

With our products being available in bulk and portion packs, they are simply sensational to eat either on their own or as part of a mix. It will be easy for you to see after sampling our products why our extensive ranges is so popular in a range of different high-class operations.

These exceptional products have found their rightful home in many of the best hotels in the world and your guests will be delighted to try something new for their breakfast.